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Community Recreational Use Legislation has Stalled.

We Need Your help!

Dear Tina,
I hate when I drive by school fields and playgrounds or even gyms that stand empty in the evening. We are in the middle of an obesity epidemic and yet resources that can help people become more active lay unused. These community resources could be made accessible to all of us but legislation that would make that happen more often has stalled. But with your help we can change that.

Please urge House Education Committee Chair Joey Donovan to pass legislation that would encourage schools to open their doors for public activity.

What prevents many schools from opening their doors? Liability. It's a scary word. And the risk makes many schools just opt to the easy answer of "no". But the American Heart Association is working with advocates like you to pass legislation that would make all public schools available to the general public for exercise without the school facing increased liability.

A Vermont Health Department survey showed 45 municipalities did not allow public access to school recreational facilities. And a survey just this year by the American Heart Association found liability was the top barrier for schools opening their buildings to the public.

Obesity is a problem.

Our communities need more places to recreate.

Schools can help.

Click here to urge Rep. Donovan to act now to help all schools get to "yes." Sincerely,
Tina Zuk

Government Relations Director
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