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New Report on the Health Impacts of Paid Sick Day Proposals

Executive Summary

The Vermont Department of Health and key stakeholders conducted this Health Impact Assessment to assess the possible effect of a statewide paid sick leave policy on the health of Vermonters.

Key Findings

  • Paid sick leave legislation in Vermont would significantly increase access to paid sick leave, particularly among low-wage, part-time workers and employees of small businesses.
  • There is strong evidence to support that paid sick leave would decrease the spread of infectious disease in Vermont annually. There is some evidence that this effect would be especially visible in child care and food service settings.
  • Paid sick leave would likely increase the ability of domestic violence victims to access health and social services and maintain employment.
  • There are limited data to definitively link paid sick leave to preventable hospitalizations. However, decreasing preventable hospitalizations by 10% would decrease health expenditures by $6.8 million in Vermont annually.

Earned Sick Leave Proposal

A Health Impact Assessment of Paid Sick Leave in Vermont
Prepared by the Vermont Department of Health
Released February 17, 2015

Submitted/Posted by: VT Department of Health