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vermont Public Health association 

Our Mission

The Vermont Public Health Association (VtPHA) is a membership organization whose purpose is to protect and promote personal, community and environmental health within our State. 

Our Purpose

VtPHA is a statewide membership organization that seeks to positively influence the health of all Vermonters and provide an important voice on public health issues at the national, state and local level. 

Land Acknowledgement

We recognize that we live and work in Wôbanakik, Dawnland, the historical and current unceded homeland of the Abenaki people.

Labor Acknowledgement

We acknowledge that much of this country’s culture and economic growth and development has been made possible by the labor of enslaved African and their ascendants.

VtPHA Statement on Roe v. Wade Overturned

The Supreme Court’s decision of Roe v. Wade reverses the constitutional right to an abortion. This action creates a national crisis that will endanger the health and welfare of women and individuals with a uterus and deny them their rights to access full reproductive health care which includes abortion services. 

The VtPHA applauds our Vermont Congressional Delegation and our Vermont State Legislators who are working to codify abortion rights and ensure complete autonomy in matters of reproductive health at both the state and national level. The VtPHA supports Vermont’s Proposition 5, that, if passed in November 2022, will amend the Constitution of the State of Vermont to ensure that every Vermonter is afforded personal reproductive liberty.

Please refer to the VtPHA policy on Women’s Reproductive Rights and the APHA statement on the overturning of Roe v. Wade.

COVID-19 Resources

The situation and the public health response to the pandemic of the COVID-19 virus continues to change. Information for public health professionals, providers, and the public is being  revised to reflect the latest knowledge and guidance about this disease. For the most up-to-date information on public health and clinical response, please visit the Vermont Department of Health website or the Centers for Disease Control website.

For information on how to be part of the response effort, click here


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Welcome from past Board Member Madison Shaffer

Working through its membership, the Association:

  • Advocates for policies that improve the public's health;
  • Provides a public forum for discussion and dissemination of information that concern policy and practice; 
  • Organizes educational programs to increase the knowledge and skills of its membership; and
  • Collaborates with health professionals, health organizations and the educational community. 

Member Benefits

Vermont Public Health Association is a membership organization which facilitates collaboration among people who care about public health and are interested in protecting and promoting the health of Vermont residents. 


  • Regular updates on public health issues at the state and national level
  • Access to “members-only” communications


  • Alerts on issues pending in the state and federal legislature
  • Opportunity to shape VtPHA policy positions and advocacy efforts


  • Connection with others in VT working to protect and enhance public health
  • Annual meeting discounts

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We need your help

Your donation will help support the continued championing of public health, education of decision makers, provision of educational opportunities to public health professionals, and much more.


About the association

VtPHA is a membership organization which facilitates collaboration among people who care about public health and are interested in protecting and promoting the health of Vermont residents.

VtPHA is an Affiliate of the American Public Health Association (APHA). APHA is the national voice of public health and champions the health of all people and all communities. They are the only organization that combines a 140-plus year perspective, the ability to influence federal policy to improve the public’s health and a member community from all public health disciplines and over 40 countries. Learn more at www.apha.org. 


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